Stump Removal

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Stump Removal

Suburban home several years after the remodeling is complete. Roof has weathered to match existing roof and stone patio installed by the covered deck.Has that stump in the backyard been bothering you since you moved in? Wondering why the people who live there before left it there? They obviously didn’t know about Fast Response Tree Service in Oklahoma City! We can make that annoying stump nothing more than a memory in as little as one day!

We are equipped to handle any size stump in any location. We can take our stump grinder through most gates, and can propel it over fences with our lifter for hard to reach areas. Our professionals are prepared to talk to you about the depth of the stump and possible replanting options after our assessment. The ground is typically ready to be re-sod or landscaped, although we typically recommend waiting a few months to see how the ground resettles after the stump is removed.

The stump grinding process is simple. Our stump grinder grinds the stump down to bits resembling wood that has gone through a wood chippers, although softer and smaller, like mulch. We also get any roots that may have been above ground. This process typically grounds stumps up to six feet below the surface. We are also equipped to remove the stump as deep as it grows, if you are planning to plant another tree in its place.

stumpAt this point, there will be little bits of mulch and dirt around the area- these are the remnants of the stump. We give freedom to our Oklahoma City area customers here. You can choose to clean up these remnants yourself or we can remove them for you. We do not force an additional “clean-up” fee on you; it is entirely up to you!

Fast Response Tree Service doesn’t waste time. We can give you a price estimate over the phone if you know how approximately how big the stump is and then finalize it upon our arrival. We come prepared no matter what, so we can grind the stump immediately after discussing the price with you. No need to wait for someone to come back another day!

Important note for our Oklahoma City area customers: Be sure to contact Oklahoma’s one-call service, “Call Okie Before You Dig,” by dialing 811. Do this a few days in advance of calling Fast Response Tree Service so that all underground power lines are marked before we begin any stump grinding.