Emergency Tree Service

Emergency Tree Removal Company Serving Oklahoma City and Surrounding Areas – Tree Trimming, Stump Removal


Emergency Tree Service

One story siding house with green lawn. View from the backyard.If you are looking for a tree company to handle emergency tree removal, or dangerous tree removal, Fast Response Tree Service is the right company for you. We have been cleaning up the trees of Oklahoma City for many years now, and can have a crew ready to help with your tree problems at your Oklahoma City home in an hour or less in most cases. Give us a call today.

Oklahoma City has seen its fair share of severe weather: torrential thunderstorms, high scale tornadoes, heavy hailstones, and high winds. We’ve even had storms that meteorologists deemed “like a hurricane” due to the high winds and heavy rain they produced. The weather alone is scary enough, but the after effects can be worse. That’s why Fast Response Tree Service guarantees rapid response times that will allow your family to repair and rebuild as soon as possible.

Our experts are on call and prepared at all times, and when bad weather is approaching, we ready everything so that we can begin responding immediately after the weather passes. Storms and severe weather can bring unexpected consequences. If a tree or limb falls on your property, you must act fast. The weight of heavy tree on a structure can cause costly damage. The faster it is removed, the better. At Fast Response Tree Service, we always respond within 24 hours and during emergency situations, we can even respond to your call in just an hour if you are in Oklahoma City!

If an emergency tree situation occurs, call us first. While our rapid response team is on its way, call your insurance company to let them know that you’ve hired a removal service. Next, head outside to assess the damage and take pictures for insurance purposes. Remember to be extremely careful around leaning trees or broken limbs. By the time you are done with this, our team will more than likely be at your property and ready to work!

Storm damage. Broken treeFallen trees or limbs on a home are a serious safety concern. They must be removed as soon as possible so that repairs can be made to the roof, minimizing the damage done to the inside of your home. Our professionals will be ready to respond. When you call us, inform us of the tree or limb and damage to your home. No need to stress about waiting and wondering when someone will arrive- we’ll be there before you know it to safely remove the tree or limb in no time!

For the fastest emergency service in the Oklahoma City area, trust Fast Response Tree Service. We’ll be at your home within an hour, giving you one less thing to worry about. We’ll assess the damage and remove what we need to, preserving the tree if possible. We will then clean up and put things back where they were when we arrived. Insurance companies can be frustrating to deal with- your tree service shouldn’t have to be!